And I’m off!

Welp, I quit the Facebooks. Honestly, I was a little hesitant about doing it. There are so many reasons I thought I needed it. Turns out there wasn’t a single reason worth staying.

Say it with me – Facebook is ruining our lives.

I am getting out of the social media sphere. My logic is almost sound. There are things that are personal, that don’t warrant sharing with the interwebs.

For example, I was Jaden Smith before Jaden Smith. I cringe when I think about the teenage stupidity that I would have shared with the world. That could have defined me for the rest of my life. I firmly believe that if public opinion can change, personal should be able to as well.

One more example, if my mom would have put my naked baby photos online I would be mortified to know that they are public for the rest of time. This is know this sounds like a paranoid belief, but I don’t want my family (i.e. kid(s)) to have their life already cemented before they have a say. I have been apart of the social media age becoming what it is today, but I have no idea what the long-term benefits, or damage, will be.

Are people who choose differently from me wrong? Absolutely not. I would compare this to I am buying pants with cargo pockets. Is it in style? Absolutely not. But I can carry all my baggage around with me.

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